Hello world! (I know, I know – but it had to be done)

Welp…here’s my obligatory ‘hello world’ post.  

My vision for this blog is effectively a potpourri and catch-all for thoughts I find interesting / compelling.  Hopefully my posts are entertaining, thought provoking or at least funny.  What’s more, I’ll be testing different syndication technologies and other gadgets I want to explore as a technologist.

For this initial post, I’m really just evaluating wordpress as a platform from a user’s perspective (since I spend a lot of time ‘coding’ and administering it in my day job).  What’s more, I want to see how SEO and social linking has changed in elevating content.  One of my biggest challenges is ‘Johnny Thompson’ is a very common name – or at least the names individually are.  Plus I have the added bonus of competing with a Vegas magician in my vanity searches.  Yay!  Maybe I should change my name to a variation of Benedict Cumberbatch – that guy has like NO competition whatsoever…lol!

Let’s see – what else?  Oh – i’ve had to come back and modify this post bout 4 times as I’ve tested different things – maybe it’s time for new material.  Hmmm…maybe.  I wonder what I could write on next?  The dangers of politics to ones personal brand?  (Unless you’re a political figure, mind you).  God knows I’ve said one or two things on FB that creates some friction for some!  

Oh well – I guess I should move on (since I’m beginning to ramble – especially parenthetically!)

Part of saying hello-world is ensuring that you can find everything this site my be about – most notably, me 😉

While I’m at it, here I am:

a picture of me (Johnny Thompson) from 2016 and about 10 lbs overweight - hello world indeed!

Well – that about all I have for you now – except for this….ever wonder where the phrase ‘hello world’ came from? It’s almost as old as me (1972) from an obscure programming language BCPL. Stack overflow has a nice response.